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Professional Learning Opportunities

Dr. Thornell has facilitated professional learning at the state and national levels with vast experience in developing and supporting instructional leaders.  He is available for both in-person and virtual sessions and can customize trainings to meet your needs.

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On-Site Training

Dr. Thornell has several learning opportunities available for both individual schools and district audiences. Sessions include teacher leaders, professional learning communities, and working with campus and district leaders on a variety of educational needs. Courses are generally offered in 1, 3, and 6-hour sessions and include a planning meeting to ensure personalized needs are addresses. Please email directly for a complete list and inquiries.

Learning Forward - Texas 2022

Three Question Instructional Leaders Should Be Asking

This session is designed for current or aspiring campus administrators seeking to learn effective practices to enhance the learning and teaching of their campus through professional learning.  Participants will be challenged to explore three distinct yet connected questions: How does an instructional leader impact the curriculum? How does an instructional leader impact high-quality instruction? How does an instructional leader use data effectively?

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Learning Forward - Texas 2022

Teacher Leadership - Who Are They and Why Are They Important?

Teacher leaders play an essential role in all successful schools. This session is designed for teachers in leadership roles, those that aspire to lead from a teacher role, or campus/district leaders charged with identifying and developing teacher leaders. It will focus on providing an overarching view of the NEA Teacher Leadership Competencies as well as provide resources, regardless of their role, to help lead their teams.  Participants will explore the competencies, identify areas of growth for themselves or others, and review hand-on activities that can be used to work more effectively as teacher teams. 


Sample resources from the presentation


Sample resources from the presentation


Samples from the presentation

Ten Roles of Teacher Leaders - Killon

How Much Influence Do Teachers Have? - RAND

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